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Money Mountain Seminars

Our Climbing The Money Mountain seminars are a fun fast paced experience in real life financial issues that most people will encounter as they move thoughout life. Our goal is to help you learn from the successes and failures that individuals have made in the past that have kept them or delayed them from achieving their personal ,financial goals, and career aspirations.

In our seminars High School and College Students will learn and discover the secrets that have made everyday people achieve what at first they thought was not possible only to learn that they were the ones preventing their climb to the top. You will learn how to redirect your energies so that you too can achieve your academic, career and personal goals. Financial Stress can have a tremendous effect on your mental and physical well being. Learn how to avoid Financial Stress and gain the confidence to shape your future and achieve your dreams. 

           Topics Include:

  • Credit Card Traps
  • Identity Theft "The Real Costs"
  • What's Stopping You from Reaching Your Peak
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Real Estate Ownership "Personal Use and Investment Income"
  • Stocks, Mutual Funds, and ETF "The Game Changer"
  • What Most Financial Companies Will Never Tell You
  • The Image Factor
  • Financial Shock
  • College and Beyond
  • Bank with knowledge
  • Smart Risk vs Stupid Risk
  • Failures are NOT the End of the World, but may be the Beginning of GREAT SURPRISES
  • Negotiate with Confidence
  • How Much Does That Car Really Cost
  • Setting Goals

and much more..