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Today's Money Tip

What would happen if you lost or someone stole your wallet or purse?

Not only may a criminal be in possession of your drivers license, but they would also be in possession of your credit and debit cards. This criminal would know where you live, your age, where you go to school and could easily find out more about you at such online websites as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and others.

Maybe your cell phone was in your purse and is not password protected. Now that thief has your contact database of friends, family and business associates.

How long will it take you to notify your bank, credit cards firms, and cellular companies?

How long will it take to replace your drivers license, cell phone and file a police report?

What about that camera you may have left in your purse, not to mention all the pictures on your cell phone camera. What about the passwords you store in your contact manager on your phone.

Take a moment to think about all the information a thief would possess about you.  A lot of problems could result from a lost wallet or purse.

Money Tip:

Only carry what you need in your wallet or purse.  

Do you need to carry multiple credit cards, debit cards, and your whole life in your wallet or purse?

Carry only what you need and store at home telephone numbers for your bank, credit card firms, and cellular companies in case of theft. The faster you call these companies, the faster they will inactivate your cards, cell phone and limit the damage a thief can cause. Also, place your wallet in your pants or jeans front pocket rather than in your back pocket. It is much harder for a person to steal a wallet from your front pocket than from your back pocket.

If you are going somewhere that you will not be in possession of your purse at all times, take only what you need and carry your debit or credit cards and drivers license in your front pocket. Keep only your personal hygiene products in your purse if your purse is going to be left unattended.